Interview: Ruby Mountford

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Ruby is an aspiring photographer and designer. She currently designs and publishes her own magazine called 1999. I was lucky enough to have an interview with her about her new website and photography work.

Hello Ruby! Thank you so much for letting me interview you. How are you?

No worries! I’m good, thanks, just busy!

Tell us a little bit about your background.

I’m currently in my final year of A-levels studying photography, English literature and business studies.

Describe your style in three words.

Colourful, bold, fun?!

I adore your work. What inspired you to start taking photographs?

I think Instagram was my main inspiration as I started following people who inspire me and it also gives you a place to share your work.

Have you always been into photography?

I’ve probably had an interest in photography since my early teens but I only properly got into at the beginning of my A-Levels, last year.

How has your creative process changed since the start?

When I first started I didn’t have much of a process but I now collect images that inspire me and create a mood board before finding models and a location.

What equipment do you use for your work?

Not much! Just my cameras and the odd light, when I need one!

What equipment could you not live without?

My camera!!

When did you start getting into film photography?

I went through a phase of buying film cameras when I was 13 but have only properly started getting into film photography in the last few months.

How do you develop your film photographs?

I just get them developed at Boots as I don’t have access to a dark room.

For your film photography do you think carefully about the clothing, setting and models?

I have a greater focus on the models and location as they’re much easier to control than clothing but I still try to give the models a guideline of what to wear. But yes, I try to pick out the best locations and the best models for the shoot.

What equipment would you recommend for someone who wants to get into photography?

I use a Canon 700D, which is great for beginners and if you want to get into film photography I use an Olympus OM-10, which I’d definitely recommend.

Why has social media been an important platform for you to use?

Social media has allowed me to share my work and find other photographers.

Who inspires your work?

I love photographers like Francesca Allen and Wiissa, I love the way they use colour in their images and the clothes used. They also inspired to start getting into film photography.

Why is photography important?

It allows people to express themselves and/or get a message across!

What makes a good photograph?

It depends! Photography is such a vast industry and every photo is unique!

What do we hope to see in this up and coming year for your Instagram page?

I’m currently working on my Girl Gangs project, so I will probably be sharing that on my Instagram page.

Do you have any career plans?

I’ve just applied to do photography at university but I’m still not sure what I want to do after my A-Levels, but definitely something photography related.

Do you have any advice for anyone who would like to set up their own Facebook page or Instagram?

Just follow inspiring people and post nice photos!

Do you have any advice for photographers?

I’m not great at giving advice, but just take photos and explore different styles until you find your own!

Do you have any advice for anyone wanting to get into film photography?

Buy a camera and start taking photos!

What's the best piece of creative advice you've ever been given?

I can’t think of anything off the top of my head!

Please take a look at her wonderful website ‘’. She is currently updating her website with new photography, videos and 35mm.

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