The Everyday Battle: Eczema/Dry Skin

Words like: flaky, itchy, scabby and dry should all ring a bell to those who clicked on this blog. Unless you have oily skin, also welcome! I have lived with eczema my whole life, hoping one day, like most people I know, I would grow out of it. But no, I’m a fully-fledged adult still living with this god awful skin condition. Luckily, I did grow out of having eczema on my face from when I was a baby; with the help of many (very weird) seaweed baths and Chinese medicine my parents gave me.

In today’s life, everyday feels like a battle in an attempt to keeping my skin hydrated. Some days you wake up so incredibly sore from having itched yourself raw in your sleep and others, your skin is so tight from an area of patchy skin that just won’t seem to go away, or look better with any amount of makeup applied. Where I currently get it the worst is my legs, my arms and my hands (especially my right hand, the hand I need the most). I think for everyone, eczema/dry skin is exceedingly worse in winter, as the cold and lack of sunshine makes your skin feel like torture. Ever experienced dry skin on the eyelids, damn! Luckily, spring is on the horizon, which means better skin for all of us.

I have tried many skin products in my time and I would like to share with you the one’s that I think are the best value for money and just do a good damn job!

My first favourite product would be Kiehl’s - a luxurious, sensitive skin focused brand that delivers a feeling of pure bliss when applied to the face. I don’t know how, but their creams always feel ice cold when applied to the skin, which feels amazing! It’s definitely not a cheap brand with moisturisers starting at £24 per 50ml pot. But I do believe it’s definitely worth the cash, as there’s no other brand like it. All ingredients are as clear as day, and all feel thick and smooth, which is exactly what my dry skin needs.


My second favourite product for dry skin is Sanex – who are mostly known for their shower gels and deodorants, which I both use. They’re hypo-allergenic and contain 0% soap. So, no irritations and no drying out your skin even more. I have found in the past that some deodorants have made my armpits itch and caused bouts of eczema, which is very embarrassing when you find yourself scratching your armpit in public.


Another product I love and don’t use enough is bath oils; which is due to the face I shower more than I take baths. When I do run myself a bath on a special occasion, I load it up with baby oil from a lovely Cornish based brand, Bloom Remedies. The organic, citrus fumes smell amazing, and I love the overall oily feeling on my body, for once! You can just feel your sad, broken skin smiling. I also use a beauty facial elixir by Forest Alchemy, which makes my face beam this dewy gold colour; making me feel like an oily goddess! It’s also a fantastic way to bring moisture back in to your skin after using a makeup wipe, which I admittedly use all the time. 

Bloom Remedies.JPG

Another, more unusual product I’d recommend for dry skin/eczema is natural perfumes. I’ve worn some perfumes in the past and they’ve given me a rash but also, I end up sneezing uncontrollably for the first 20 minutes of wearing it. Gorilla perfumes by Lush contain all-natural ingredients and safe synthetics which are all inspired from art, music and poetry. These scents have honestly changed the way I view perfume. I currently wear Rentless – “This fragrance is a wearable art piece that floats above the flotsam and jetsam of life. Endlessly welcoming, it's a rallying endorsement of the power of inspiration to overcome obstacles; you’re never homeless, only Rentless.” Arty, right!

Gorilla Perfumes.JPG

Lastly, and most importantly, my favourite product which I could not live without, is Aveeno. It’s a thick oatmeal based moisturiser, which is perfect for every day, casual use. I find Aqueous creams, a generic cream for dry skin which doctors usually “recommend”, a very boring product which smells like chemicals and does very little for that 24-hour hydrated feeling. I honestly believe oats are the answer to the world’s problems, and Aveeno is definitely one of them.


If you really are suffering with blistering skin, I do recommend getting prescribed steroid cream from the doctor as it is a miracle cream. But one that should be handled very carefully and not often. If you’re like me, you don’t take too much notice of the appearance of eczema on your skin, because no one ever points it out. Which actually amazes me! Although, there has been the odd time where someone has mistaken my eczema on my neck for love bites!

The fact the no one says anything, means that no one really cares. It’s never something to be ashamed of and I never am. I’m honest with people and tell them I don’t wear shorts for certain reasons, or I can’t always do the washing up with bare hands, because of my skin. It’s a daily pain but it’s part of who we are but never something to be embarrassed or ashamed of.

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