Spring Time: Sunshine and Goals

Spring is finally among us, and we can begin to show some skin again and dig out those favourite pair of sunglasses from the depths of the drawer. It wouldn’t be Spring without those April showers though. So as sunny one day may be, the next might not be so good. The past few weeks, I’ve been feeling really confident and upbeat with the new season coming around. There’s a sense of hope in the air, which is probably just the vitamin D finally entering my body. So, to celebrate, I’ve picked out a few things that will top off your Spring of 2019, getting motivated for the summer ahead.

Albatross Cafe.JPG

To start, I suggest going on a coffee date with yourself! Pick a sunny day, preferable mid-week if you can, and treat yourself to a hot drink at a café you’ve never been to before. I like to do this every now and then when I’ve been feeling overloaded or blue. It gives me the chance to dress up, commute in my own time and wonder round the city doing all the things I want to do, without any other pressures. Doing things alone really does help build your confidence and discovering yourself - sounds cheesy but it’s true. I took myself to a quaint local and independently run café, called Albatross café, in Bristol. It was decorated entirely with hanging plants and cacti, accompanied with mix and max furniture, keeping things snug and personal. When my cappuccino was brought over to me, I actually gave out this little embarrassing squeal as it’s was honestly one of the most beautiful coffees I’ve ever been served. Hands down! 

Albatross Cafe.JPG

In order to keep me off my phone, as this is ME time, I bought myself some magazines in the shop opposite, Mon Pote, a local lifestyle shop that oozes elegance and chic things. I found in a basket two magazines called Sunday Girl who “champion feminism and equality and deliver a magazine for intellectual, ambitious and creative women”. Definitely a productive read right there! 

Sunday Girl.JPG

Once you’ve spent some time being alone, indulging in all the things you love, the next Spring event should be a family/friend’s walk. Luckily for me, I live in Somerset, a part of England which is incredibly accessible to the rest of the country, as well as being the most rural. That’s the beauty of it. There are so many hidden towns and villages which have something very unique to offer.

Chew Magna.JPG

My latest countryside trip was to Chew Magna, a tiny village just outside of Bristol. Whilst on a hunt for Sunday lunch, we were led to the Bear and Swan pub – a gorgeous 18th century building, with cosy seating and an outdoor firepit. There are only really two pubs in Chew Magna, so you can’t miss it! Once eaten, we went for a walk through the cemetery and along the stream. We then headed up to The Stanton Drew, the second largest stone circle in Britain and one of the largest Neolithic monuments to have ever been built. Dusk was approaching and the atmosphere definitely felt spooky yet magical. 

Chew Magna.JPG

Of course, Spring time/Easter is traditionally recognised with giving chocolate, egg hunts, bunnies and other cute animals; but you can make a new season whatever you want it to be. Even though we go through these same seasons every single year, they always feel like you’ve been waiting a lifetime. So, instead of buying presents and celebrating something that doesn’t particularly mean a lot to me, I’ve decided to take on the challenge by making my garden a “sanctuary” for wildlife. With the population of bees dropping, I want to create and craft my own bug houses and bee homes, encouraging a space for animals to thrive and feel welcome - just don’t buzz round my face when I’m sat outside, thanks bee! Find yourself a new challenge and a new passion, no matter how big or small; just don’t let it be your “summer body”, because I left that pointless goal behind a long time ago.




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