October Playlist

October Playlist.jpg

You may have noticed that this month’s playlist looks a little different to usual - the reason being that I have moved country! I am living in Milan right now, and as much as I wished that I could have done, I couldn’t bring my typewriter in my suitcase, so for the next year, most of these monthly playlists will be handwritten.

I hoped I would be inspired by Italian music when I came to live here, but so far, living in Italian student accommodation has taught me that Europeans have terrible music taste - for the most part, people here listen to Reggaeton, which is honestly the most awful genre of music to have ever been invented. Instead, this month’s playlist is new discoveries of recommendations from English friends with better taste, and a few things heard on the radio. Also the mandatory inclusion of a Florence and the Machine song, as I still cannot stop listening to her new album - I’ll be seeing her live in Turin in March, I cannot wait! Hope you enjoy, maybe soon I’ll find some alternative Italian tunes for you to enjoy.

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