Car Boot Sales

I absolutely love collecting all things vintage - records, cameras, typewriters, bags, clothes... So many people ask me where I get all of my lovely items from, and how I manage to afford it - as vintage shops can often be ridiculously expensive! Although I love charity shopping, in my opinion the best place to find vintage gems for a great price is car boot sales!

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Living in the city without a car means that I don't often make it to car boot sales, which is a shame, although probably sometime a good thing, as I think I'd end up with way more things than could fit in my tiny student room. I was recently back in York for the week to visit family though, and it was a great opportunity to go to a car boot sale. For years now it has been a tradition that every Sunday, my Dad and I get up early to go to the two main car boot sales in York (for anyone who lives in York, these are in Rufforth and Murton). Although my Dad is normally looking to buy himself tools and DIY supplies (a typical Dad), he also shares my love for vintage, and is constantly on the search for vintage furniture he can do up, as well as records, cameras and beautiful old clocks. Sometimes we will return empty handed, but our most recent trip was pretty successful! I returned with 6 records (which cost me £5), and a beautiful old photography book for £2! 

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I was so pleased with the photography book - it's 65 years old and features interesting articles about how to use the latest cameras, and interesting darkroom techniques! The first part of the book is filled with quirky vintage adverts for cameras, film, and other photography equipment. When taking a look through, I discovered this advert for Ilford Photographic Plates, with an example photo take using the products advertised - such a funny coincidence that the picture is of the dining hall of my college, where I eat every single day! The hall doesn't look to have changed much in 65 years! It's amazing what you can find! 

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Here are some other cute items we've bought at car boot sales in the past - cameras for a couple of pounds each, and a gorgeous clock (which chimes!) for only £5! 

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