August Playlist

August Playlist.jpg

This is the first instalment in Nora & Luna’s new feature — our monthly playlist! I’ve teamed up with Rhiannon and will be collaborating with lots of exciting new ventures for the blog, the first of which being regular playlists. As this is my first one, I decided to create a playlist which sums up my music taste and my personality, so its features lots of my favourite artists and songs — although I’ve actually left out my favourite band of all time (The Smiths), which is probably a first for me in any playlist I’ve ever made, however I promise there’ll be some of their songs in future! 

You’ll notice it’s a fairly eclectic playlist, as I love music from lots of different genres and decades. The playlist starts with Everything Everything, a band whom I’ve loved since the release of their first album, and whose new album - being released this week - I am very excited to hear. On the other end of the scale, the playlist ends with France Gall, who is famous for her quirky ‘Yé-yé’ French pop — my love for 1960s french music is far-reaching, and is definitely a reflection for my love of French culture as a whole, hence why I am currently studying French at university. 

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