Meet The Team: Pollyanna Shaw


Hello there, I am Polly or Pollyanna if you wish, and I have been chosen to be a contributor for Nora & Luna, which is so exciting! Blogging is something I’ve been loosely working on for other businesses over the years, but now I’m finally doing it for myself, writing content I am truly passionate about and want to share with the world - and YOU, if you’re reading this; you beautiful human!

As a BA Textile art graduate, having specialised in screen printing for interiors at The Arts University Bournemouth, I understand the grief of self-promotion, which is something I hated doing for myself. I’ve slowly backed away from creating my own art and started focusing more on others, allowing my creative spark to shine through other people’s passions; which is where this blog has allowed me to do that for the wonderful artists out there!

So, a little about me: I am January born baby, slowly encroaching my mid 20’s. Yikes! I currently work as a secretary for a tattoo studio, although the ironic thing is, I don’t even have any tattoos myself. Haha. I love the countryside, EDM, taking naps and eating sushi – whilst writing blogs of course!

I’m very excited to see where Nora & Luna takes me and who I could potentially meet on the way. I love getting to know the in’s and out’s of people and what truly makes their beautiful brains tick. You’re very welcome to follow me on my Instagram art page - Stay tuned humans! 

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