Grayson Perry Exhibition Review

In true Perry style this exhibition was brimming with extravagant colour and intimate details as you played spectator on Tim Rakewell's life from his upbringing to his "untimely" death. 

While you were following a fictitious story, it undoubtedly explored real ideas of social mobility, allowing the viewer to question class and positions within society that can be said to be defined by consumerism, its brands and ideals in our current time.  

There were so many themes put under the spotlight by these beautifully thought-out tapestries such as family, gender, capitalism, materialism and their relative importance when compared to life itself, as well as many more. You could feel the intense contemplation playing out within your own mind as you pondered on sociality and the makings of your own world throughout the exhibits – what is so important to you, and why?  

Located in Bristol Museum, from March 30th - June 24th, the trail was partnered with an audio guide, which you could access through a mobile device. It included analysis from varying critics on each individual tapestry, allowing you to see it in light of someone else's perception. When observing such intricate symbolism, it was very interesting to listen to and pick up on otherwise unnoticed details like words deceptively camouflaged as though waves of the sea, or biblical references that occur throughout.  

As someone who follows the works of Grayson Perry avidly, I really valued this thought-provoking exhibition that landed right on my doorstep in Bristol Museum. It was presented in such an innovative and exciting way and I cannot wait to see what Perry does next.