Product Review: Another Studio

Tucked away in the heart of London is a shop called Another Studio. Another Studio is a craft-design based practice creating original products for your desk, home and workplace. At the heart of their studio is the notion that a creative idea combined with playful material exploration will result in beautiful designs. 

The studio is inspired by origami. They love sheet material; be it paper, metal or wood. They love getting excited by the challenges of transforming something flat into a 3D form. Another Studio combine traditional materials with modern production methods. Alongside developing their own designs, they undertake commissions to create bespoke designs for cultural and creative companies. 

Their products range from bookmarks to vases, with beautiful simplistic designs. Nora & Luna was lucky enough to receive the plant bookmarks. We have a love for plants here at Nora & Luna. These miniature houseplants are perfect for the top of books or files. They are suitable for even the least green fingered of friends. 

There are four plant designs. The first being the Monstera Deliciosa, often known as the Swiss Cheese Plant. The other houseplants are called; Pilea Peperomioides, Calathea and Sansevieria. On the back of the packaging, they have written about each of the plants.

Their studio is located within Cockpit Arts, South East London and it’s open twice a year to the public. However, you can buy their products online and request to visit the studio. Who wouldn’t want to visit? 

You can take a look at their products on their website ‘’. Take a look for creative gift ideas and distinctive presents.