Flat Tour: A Love For Vintage

I think it is about time that I shared my new apartment in Bath. We moved to Bath in January, after spending countless months trying to find an apartment near to the town centre without electric heating. We were lucky enough to find an apartment in the centre of Bath, with just a five-minute walk into town. I live near to Great Pulteney Street, which is a grand boulevard that joins Pulteney Bridge to Bathwick.

Great Pulteney Street was designed by Thomas Baldwin and it was finished in 1789. Near to our flat is the is newly redesigned Holburne Museum, which used to be the Sydney Hotel back in 1795. The old hotel was a ballroom, card room and tea room. I love history and this is what made me fall in love with this apartment. We live in such a gorgeous area of Bath, with lots of beautiful parks around us. I spend a lot of my time in the parks reading and visiting the museums.


We moved into the apartment with no furniture. I remember sleeping on our mattress for a few months, waiting in anticipation for our vintage furniture to arrive. We used Ebay, Made and Facebook Marketplace to source our furniture. You can find some great items online, including in charity shops. We both fell in love with Ercol furniture. If you haven’t already, you should take a look at this business.

Our living room is full of Ercol and G Plan furniture. We found the G Plan furniture on Ebay for a great price. If you are looking for G Plan furniture, we definitely recommend Ginger Cat Vintage. The Ercol furniture in our flat is from the 60s. You can buy newer designs from Ercol, but if you’re into vintage like us, then I definitely recommend looking at the 60s design.


Near to the door in our living room is my record player. I have an older record player from my Grandfather, which is lurking within the flat. It was great to find an old sideboard to fit my record player and speakers on top. To the right of our sideboard is our dining room table. The dining room table is Ercol and the salt and pepper pots are from Next. I have a love for plants and these were perfect to go on the table. We spent a few months trying to decide on a fruit bowl. We purchased our bowl from Such & Such.


We have lots of hidden nooks and crannies in our flat. I absolutely love this word. Don't you? To the right of the dining table, we have a little hole next to the window. I decided to fill this hole with vintage items and a money box purchased from Debenhams. Our lamp is from Made. You can still purchase this lamp online, which works well with our grey coloured armchair and sofa.


It is great to have such a large room for my desk, dining room table and sofa. We have put the bookcase next to my desk and the armchair. This makes a great reading space. I love the glass on the bookcase, as I was able to fill this with vintage items. I purchased the frame, bottles and cameras from charity shops. On top of the bookcase is my Bush radio, which was again purchased from a charity shop. You can find some great items in Oxfam


My desk is my favourite place in the flat. I love sitting at my desk to craft and work with creatives for Nora & Luna. We went to Ikea a few months ago and ended up coming back with a plant. This seems to always be the case with Ikea. You go in for one item and ending up coming back out with about fifteen items. You always wonder, how did this even happen? We spent a few weeks trying to decide on a pot for the plant, to go with our colour scheme and furniture. The pot is from Next. It is concrete, but they have various sizes online. The telephone was purchased from Wild & Wolf and again, the lamp is from Made.


Near to our armchair is our coffee table, rug, television stand and sofa. I’m not going to show you our television, but the television is standing on an Ercol butlers table. It is the perfect fit. Again the coffee table is 60s Ercol and the rug is from Next. I couldn’t believe my eyes, when I found this rug on Next. They have some stunning items in stock in their home section. I couldn’t recommend them enough. We have a fireplace, which was great to put lots of vintage trinkets on top. If you’re wondering where the cushions are from, you can find them on my Etsy shop Nora & Luna


Now onto the bedroom! The bedroom was the last to finish in our flat. We looked at countless furniture online and decided to purchase from Made. We wanted an Ercol bed, but we didn’t want to spend out over £1000. We found a similar bed on Made, which was half the price. The bedside tables are from Made, including the grey lamp. The other lamp is from Aldi. Has anyone else recently been into Aldi? Aldi has a spectacular range of homeware and at Christmas they had a lot of vintage style items in stock.


Throughout our flat, we have plants dotted around in the nooks and crannies. I love the hole to the right of my bed. I am still trying to figure out, what it might have been. Do you have any ideas? Many of the flats in Bath have this. Again the trinkets are purchased from charity and vintage shops. Antique markets are another great place to purchase trinkets for your home or apartment. I love going to the Bath Vintage and Antiques Market at Green Park Station. 


So this is a little tour of our apartment! I love our home. I won’t show you the walk-in wardrobe, bathroom or kitchen. They aren’t very exciting. However, the kitchen does have some vintage items on the worktop. I wanted to share with you, my favourite parts of the flat and of course my love for vintage. Not forgetting plants! The photography is by Meg Burke. You can take a look at her website here 'https://www.megburkephoto.com'. She is a great person to work with, so please do give her a follow.