Take A Look: Emmanuel College


It's at this time of year, when I'm halfway into a stressful term of essays that I like to take some time out to appreciate where I live. Cambridge students are ephemerally stressed, and I think we forget how lucky we are to live in such an amazing historical city. I go to Emmanuel College, which is one of the lesser known Cambridge colleges, but I definitely think it's underrated in terms of its beauty. 


The first thing you see when you enter the college is Front Court, featuring our beautiful chapel. I have way too many photos of this building on my phone, but really is there any wonder? It was designed by Sir Christopher Wren, of St Paul's Cathedral fame, so it's gorgeous both inside and out. The sun shining through the cloisters on a summer afternoon makes for a classic Instagram photo which every Emmanuel student has posted at least once in their time here.


The courtyard in which I live (see my previous interiors post for a nosey in my bedroom), is called New Court, despite being categorically not new. It was built some time in the 1820s so is super beautiful, and has actually been the location for a lost 1970s Dr Who episode. My room looks out onto the gorgeous dining hall, where I eat my meals pretty much every day. We have amazing formal dinners in there for special occasions, where the hall is candlelit and we get some fancy food and all wear gowns which make us look like extras from Harry Potter. My little sister is still convinced I go to Hogwarts.


We also have a duck pond and a swimming pool, both of which all of us students are very proud of. The swimming pool is rumoured to be the oldest still in use outdoor pool in the UK, which is a fun fact, but means it's completely unheated. The changing rooms are a tiny thatch cottage which are also very cold, so when Rhiannon and I went for an early morning swim in summer, we seriously regretted not bringing warmer clothes and a hairdryer for when we got out.

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