Meet The Team: Becki Parker


Hello, I am Becki and I will be another lucky contributor to this lovely blog. I am very new to the blogging scene but started up in the hopes of developing my writing and furthering my dreams of being a freelance writer. When talking to Rhiannon about advice and tips on my writing, she mentioned the opportunity of becoming a contributor, and of course, as you can tell, I took it with both hands!

I am 19 years old, 20 on March 26th (YIKES! How did that happen?), and I am currently an undergraduate at the University of Sussex studying Anthropology. Whilst people-watching for a degree is interesting, I love to explore new colourful places, embroider a bunch, and collect the weirdest and wackiest things I can find… whether that’s an off-green penny found on the floor, or a rag doll with an eyeball head, you can bet that your trash is my tacky treasure!

You can always find me in the newest art exhibitions or buying the cheapest tickets to the next colourful town but whilst I am sat at home I almost always have the comfort of a duvet around my shoulders and a needle in my hand. There’s never a time when I don’t have at least two or three crafting projects on the go, my latest was a knitted grasshopper to make my Uni walls look less dull and more chaotic in colour. It’s what I do to wind-down the day and therapeutically lose track of time.

I am extremely excited to be writing amongst these wonderful people and reconstructing the colourful places and creations I have got up to - transferring them to the writing you read. If you would like to follow my latest blog posts or follow me on Instagram then my links are below:


Instagram: @beckiwitha_i

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