Interior Tips

About two weeks ago I finally moved into my new flat which I've been looking forward to all summer. It's university accommodation, but studying at Cambridge means that it's not the usual ugly 60s concrete block of flats that many uni students are housed in. I'm super lucky that I live in a wonderful flat in a building that's almost 200 years old, so the period features (like the gorgeous fireplace) definitely gave me a head start in making my new home look cute and vintage.  I still have the usual ugly university furniture to contend with, but I think I've done a pretty good job of making it homely here. It especially helps that my flat is a lot bigger than most student accommodation (before you ask, I'm a wheelchair user and need the space, not all Cambridge accommodation is this fancy, even if we do have a reputation for being posh) so I've got loads of space to put pictures up, and despite not having even attempted to pack light, it doesn't look too cluttered.


The aforementioned fireplace is one of my favourite things about this room - I decorated it with some lovely bunting which Rhiannon made for me, and have used the mantelpiece to its full decorative potential. I love to embroider so I've got embroidery hoops alongside some pictures of my friends, a vintage camera and other cute ornaments. I've also added some pressed flowers, which I think make for a lovely touch, and are super easy to make yourself!


Bookshelves are another place with great potential to jazz up an otherwise bland uni flat. I've only brought a small portion of my book collection but I think it just looks so lovely having plenty of books and art magazines around (and after all, the reason I'm at uni is to read). This bookshelf is mostly a functional one, but I've left space for my typewriter, as I think they make for the loveliest interior pieces (and I also use mine as well), and some crochet coasters which you can buy from our Etsy shop! I've created a little reading nook by putting a chair here too, as I think it'll be a super cosy place to sit with a book and a cup of tea on an evening. As you can see, I've dealt with the problem of the ugly mismatched chairs by covering them with blankets and cushions - sticking to one colour for this is a good idea, as I didn't want there to be too much of a pattern clash if all of my chairs had different bright coloured blankets.


My bedroom is the place where I've really gone to town with putting up pictures. I spend a lot of time in my bed (thanks, chronic illness) so it's important to me to have something nice to look at when I can't get outside. In terms of furniture I've kept it more minimalist than the living room, but in general I'm not a minimalist person and I like a home to look lived in; hence the collage-like wall of posters. As you can see, I love maps, and even if you don't sit and study them for hours on end, they make a great decorative touch. You can buy map printed wrapping paper fairly cheaply from places like Waterstones, and it makes for great posters.


Sadly my kitchen and bathroom are a little more soulless - there's not much you can do to hide ugly tiles and kitchen cupboards. However, the kitchen looks out over a tiny garden and my collection of mismatched mugs on the windowsill makes it feel a little more like home. 

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