Artigiano In Fiera Christmas Market

Every year, an enormous Christmas market is held in Milan at Rho Fiera, right at the end of the M1 metro line. It's not like the sort of Christmas market I initially imagined (the sort of German Christmas markets which are popular now all over Europe, with wooden huts outside selling mulled wine and all sorts of chocolates and crafts) but instead, it was held in an enormous exhibition centre normally used for interior design shows. I was expecting it to be big, but even though we were there for 6 hours we didn't manage to see even half of what was on show there! It might not have been as pretty as most markets, but there were so many amazing artisan products to buy. 


The market is an Artisan Market - for craftspeople from all over the world to sell their handmade products, including food, jewellery, toiletries, pottery, clothing, literally anything you can think of! Italian products took up about half of the market, with each region having its own section. So many of the stands were giving out free samples of food so we practically had a tiny buffet as we went round. The other half featured sections for almost every country of the world, selling traditional products from their culture. Whilst I was there I bought a few different foods from Italy, and some lovely embroidered jewellery from Iran. I was with an Italian friend, and she was intrigued (as I was) to see what would be in the English section. She bought some Cheddar cheese having tried a sample for the first time ever and thinking it was super nice (one thing I've missed whilst I've lived in Italy is cheddar, you can't buy it in any supermarkets here). The English section also had beer, gin, cupcakes, tea, tea sets, mugs with pictures of the royal family, and some bath bombs - as stereotypical as it could have been! 


Later, we bumped into someone we knew who was working on one of the stalls, selling gorgeous earrings from Bolivia. The ladies who made the earrings loved our style and as we were friends said that they would love to take some pictures of us wearing the earrings, and they would let us keep a pair! It was so kind of them, and their jewellery was so beautiful! You can find her on social media - @mayajessi!


Some of my favourite stalls at the market were the jewellery stands, and you can also look at their websites also to buy some lovely handmade gifts online! These necklaces are made from old dictionaries, I thought they were adorable, you can buy them online at - Some of my other favourite stalls were: and

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