Autumn Favourites: How To Make The Best Of Your October

We’ve had one of the hottest summer’s in years and now we’re finally taking the slow, cold and wet decline in to winter weather. Although, if you’re anything like me, you’ve missed it so much!

There’s something about the contrast in grey skies and orange leaves that seem so beautiful, appreciating every bit of sun that luminates the new colours of the world. The biggest and best factor for me would the heavy wave of Halloween looming over me - counting down the days until one the most unique holiday events of the year.

So, if you’re either dreading or loving the new seasonal change, here’s some ways to make the best out of your Autumn:


1. Take in the new wave of fresh air, by taking just as many walks as you would in the summer, but this time with that favourite scarf and woolly hat you’ve had hidden away for months. That being said, our 2018 Autumn has started off as a bizarrely warm one, so a mere jacket and possibly some sunglasses will do. Fill your lungs with the crisp air and embrace the rain as it now begins to finally fall; it makes returning to a warm home that much more amazing!


2. The food and coffee industries have spiced up all their seasonal flavours, giving us a selection of tasty treats as a reminder that cosy times are coming. As basic as a ‘pumpkin spiced latte’ may sound, it does taste ridiculously good! Don’t forget to pop in to any of your local shops and markets, as they’re best for most original and delicious ideas this time of year, as well as quality!


3. Falling on the last day of the month (meaning plenty of time to prep), Halloween is for me, is one of the best holidays of the year. When else do you get the chance to celebrate the feeling of being scared, facing your biggest fears? There’s honestly no better adrenaline rush! With the chance to dress up and get creative, be anybody you want for the day, it allows us to be silly without the pass of any judgement. Whether you’re taking your kids trick or treating, going out to a Halloween themed rave or simply pumpkin carving at home with a scary movie on in the background, remember - be wary of those pesky spirits lurking about!


4. As well as creating your own Halloween costume, you can get creative in many other ways. Take a trip to Westonbirt Arboretum in Gloucestershire, and explore the many magnificent trees that turn red, orange and yellow at this time of year, collecting your favourite leaves to take home. It’s ideal for dog walks, family days out and a date… if that’s your cup of tea. October is also a perfect time for home crafts, such as candle making, collaging, wreath making and painting pictures of your favourite Autumn animals.


5. For those that are into fashion, this is the perfect time to update your wardrobe, investing in some mustard coloured garments, my favourite colour. Although, try and check out your local charity shops first, as they always hold some secret gems for half the price! A kooky, new jumper never goes a miss when charity shopping.


 The photos featured are of me and my friend enjoying the best of a grey and wet but beautiful autumn day.

Pollyanna ShawComment