The Importance Of Self Care


Self care may seem like a huge task when your mental health isn't so great, when you feel like it's the world vs you. It's so important to look after yourself, especially when you're feeling this way, even if it's just something so small like brushing your teeth or having a shower.

But self care isn't just Lush face masks and a steaming hot bubble bath. It's accepting yourself and acknowledging your feelings, finding your own way to cope. 

Here are some ways to practice self care:

1. Make yourself a cup of your favourite hot drink; tea, coffee, hot chocolate, whatever you fancy. Warmth is comforting.

2. Read a book. Focusing your attention on something else and engaging yourself in a story can distract your brain from feeling low.

3. Talk to a friend. A friendly chat can hugely change your mood.

4. Go for a walk, be it a short stroll to the shop, or a long walk with a dog. Fresh air helps your body, and will make you feel more refreshed by the time you arrive back home. Walking can also help to clear your mind.

5. Bake a cake. Use your active mind to create rather than destroy.

6. Have a shower or a bath. When you're feeling low, there's nothing worse than feeling sticky and dirty.

7. Exercise. It doesn't have to be a trip to the gym, but even something as small as 15 minutes of yoga, or a 10 minute workout. Exercising helps to get your body and brain moving.

8. In contrary to this, have a nap.

9. Take up a new hobby.

10. Cuddle with a pet. Animals have a habit of making people feel all warm and fuzzy inside.

11. If you don't have a pet, cuddle a teddy. They're just as good.

12. Take a trip to the seaside.

13. Watch your favourite film. It must be a favourite for a reason, so will naturally lift your spirits.

14. Cry when you need to. It's okay to cry and to let out your feelings.

15. Write your feelings down. Through a poem, a letter, a song, or even just a rant.

16. If it makes you feel better, rip up the piece of paper you just wrote your feelings down on (or burn the paper, as long as you're in a safe environment to do so).

17. Colour. Colouring is therapeutic.

18. And last but not least, acknowledge that your feelings are valid. Simply acknowledging our feelings can lead to a calm mind.

I have found these to be useful when my mental health hasn't been great. And I hope they work well for you too.

Jessie BarkerComment