What We're Reading: How To Live More With Less, By Dominique Loreau

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How to live more with less by Dominique Loreau.

We live in a mainly capitalist world driven by our consumerist “needs”.
I don’t need to buy my coffee from Starbucks but I like it because I have my usual, I often get recognised by the staff and they are always polite. They create the perfect balance between, bitter, sweet and creamy in my grande extra shot pumpkin spice latte with cream and then I get to move on onto gingerbread and then vanilla spice and so on, you get the idea. The point is not just the caffeine kick, but that fact that you get a drinkable pudding, the fact that you already know the next seasonal drink will come along and life keeps moving on. Yet in books like Loreau’s we are encouraged to embrace that thing called minimalism.

Loreau takes you on a journey and teaches on how to strip down every aspect of your life, it’s brilliant. She gives you recipes, wardrobe guidance, face masks suggestions, interior design ideas and advice on how to even handle your relationships.

Loreau has lived in Japan from the ‘70s and her life is heavily influenced by the Japanese culture so in a way her book can be read as a Parisian observing and putting in practice how the Japanese live.

She gives you some great general life tips written in a way that engages you for long enough for you to want to put them in practice so by the end of the book you might find yourself taking notes. My favourite tip from the book is hovering your fridge.

Even though throughout the book Loreau teaches how less is more it is ever so slightly ironic that you have to buy yet another object to take up space in your house to have access to her valuable advice (or try the library).

Even though her book is wonderful to read (especially on the beach in Bali) I cannot say everyone will find it that easy to change their lifestyle that drastically but the book will definitely stay with you. If you are anything like me you will find yourself thinking twice when you see yourself with ten items of clothing while shopping or a full basket of food even though you know that you have a fridge full of food and you only came in for two things.

I believe in having options, and the freedom to choose and with this book you are only given another option on how to choose to live your life. Photography by Louisa Hall. 

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