Photoshoot: Dragtime at the Edinburgh Fringe 

I had the opportunity to do an amazing photoshoot yesterday with my friends Ben and Amber for their upcoming show as part of their drag troupe ‘Dragtime’ at the Edinburgh Fringe. This was one of the most enjoyable photoshoots I’ve done in a while, and from the images I’m sure you can see why! It was a hot day so we decided to head down to the pool for the shoot. We got there just as it opened so there was no one else around, and there was no one to see us fooling around taking some wild but fabulous photos. But as it was a sunny day what seemed to be the entirety of college soon gathered round the poolside and we started to get some strange looks. The funny thing is, not one person actually acknowledged us? I know how weird it must have looked having two people in drag, in a swimming pool in their clothes and shoes, with me taking photos! One person came up to us to ask if we’d finished with the inflatables, but other than that, everyone just tried to pretend they were minding their own business as they watched us from across the pool! I imagine most people were thinking “Who let the gays in here?” as lots of other students had just come for a post exam swim and to enjoy the nice weather, and there we were causing our usual chaos! An hour or so later, and with most of the college suitably entertained for the day, we finally had some great photos! Ben and Amber had to walk home somewhat soggy as we were underprepared and didn’t have towels (and they didn’t bring spare clothes). We certainly had a laugh, and I’m sure their show will be equally as entertaining! Dragtime is showing August 20th - 25th at the Edinburgh Fringe, on tour from Cambridge. 

You can check them out on Facebook here:

And if you’ll be at the Fringe, tickets are available now here:

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