Travel: Gluten-Free in Milan

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GluFree Bakery

My absolute favourite place to eat in Milan, I’m a regular here, I probably go at least 3 times a week. They serve everything you’d expect in a bakery, and I have it on good authority from my mum that it is impossible to tell that most things are gluten free! They serve amazing arancini (Italian breaded risotto balls), Pizza, biscuits, croissants, beautiful cakes and patisseries, fresh bread, good cheap coffee (like you’d expect in any Italian cafe, around €1.50 a cup), sandwiches… Everything is reasonably priced and you can eat in or take away, so great for a picnic in summer — the cafe itself is also cute but pretty small. Not to be missed though!

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Cook Window

From the outside this is the sort of restaurant you wouldn’t look twice at, it’s kind of scruffy, but it’s an absolute hidden gem. It’s a family run restaurant, which does an enormous menu of pizza, at incredibly reasonable prices (€5-€8 roughly for a pretty big pizza). Just add €2 to the price for a gluten free base, which is also homemade, and probably the best gluten free base I’ve ever had. You can eat in or get takeaway.

Macha Café

It does what it says on the tin - everything here is Matcha themed, but importantly, their entire savoury menu is also Gluten Free, meaning you can come here with friends for a fun brunch and everyone can eat the same. Sadly you can’t eat all of the cakes, but there are still a few gluten free dessert options, but after a massive stack of matcha pancakes, I rarely have room anyway.

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This is a chain restaurant, but don’t let that put you off! They have several branches around Milan, with multiple of them (Porta Romana, Brian & Barry Building, Via Moline delle Arme amongst others) serving gluten free pizza and desserts. I can confidently say this is also some of the best gluten-free pizza I’ve had in my life — gluten eating friends will also be equally pleased with their food. If you’re not in Milan, there’s also a branch in London! It’s very reasonably priced too. 

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Crazy Cat Café

They have cats, they have cake, they have coffee: what more could you need? Unlike most cat cafés, they don’t even charge an entry fee, just the standard €1 service charge that you’ll find in any Italian cafe, which is put towards care for the cats, which means it’s actually a pretty reasonable outing. The gluten free options aren’t super expansive, but they have a few solid choices, and when you have 9 gorgeous cats to hug and play with, you can’t really complain.

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The city’s only fully gluten free restaurant! They cater for all dietary requirements, with vegetarian and vegan dishes on the menu also! The menu changes every few weeks to give people the chance to try something new, but the food is always amazing. The service is always spectacular, with super friendly staff - they give you complementary Prosecco and a small appetiser on arrival. It’s not the cheapest restaurant but some of my favourite food, and a lovely experience all round.

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