Travel: Gluten-Free in Brussels

We had a little 5-day trip to Brussels recently, and while we were there found some amazing food! Gluten-Free is often harder to find when you’re abroad, but every single meal we had was amazing! Here’s where we ate during our holiday — if you’re ever in Brussels I would recommend trying these places out, whether you’re gluten-free or not! 

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Monk Bar

A great idea for a restaurant, there's a tiny little dining room hidden at the back of a pub, and they only sell one thing — spaghetti. The menu is simple, there are about four dishes to choose from, plus a daily special. They also do gluten-free pasta, which means that unusually you can have anything on the menu if you’re coeliac. The food was also great value, and the portions were enormous — neither of us could finish our food, despite as only having bought the “normal” sized portion (they also had kids sized, and an extra large portion). The food itself was delicious, I ordered the veggie option, which was tomatoes, rocket, and pine nuts, and you also got a choice of cheeses to go on top of your pasta. 

42 Rue Sainte Catherine


A fab brunch spot which drew us in with a sign saying something along the lines of “Ici les pommes de terre sont libérés”  (“Here, potatoes are liberated”). We obviously had to find out what that was all about, and sure enough, the menu was based around baked potatoes. You may think that this sounds pretty mediocre, but what we received were the most amazing, and extravagant baked potatoes I have ever had. The potatoes came in an enormous bowl filled with toppings, and having ordered a veggie potato, I was expecting something fairly simple, but the toppings could have made an amazing salad by themselves: lettuce, tomatoes, beetroot, carrot, olives, feta cheese, apricots, and probably a lot more ingredients I’ve already forgotten. The cafe itself is also in an amazing trendy area filled with antiques stores, retro furniture shops, and vintage shops, and the decor of the cafe itself fitted in well with that, and made a great Instagram photo.

114 Rue Blaes

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Le Phare du Kanaal

The day before we came here, I had posted an instagram of the outside of this cafe, without even realising what the building was, I had simply been drawn in by the beautiful seascape mural which covered its walls. The next day we wandered in for brunch, struggling to find gluten-free food, and we assumed a building with such a gorgeous exterior, must also serve great food, and we were right. The menu changes daily, but they stick to the same simple formula, serving sandwiches, quiches, and warm brunch dishes, with a couple of each on the menu. I had some baked haddock with roasted vegetables and quinoa — I’m not normally a fan of quinoa, but this was so amazing and buttery, I loved it! The cafe also offers a “co-working” space, where people can rent a desk, and work in their beautiful communal office. Again, the decor was lovely, with some beautiful photography on the walls by a local artist.

40 Quai des Charbonnages

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Ellis Burger

We actually ate here twice; it was so tasty! The name says it all really, just a great burger restaurant! It kind of reminded me of Gourmet Burger Kitchen a little, but believe it or not, it was so much tastier (and I’m a big GBK fan). Their veggie burgers were amazing, and any of their burgers can be made gluten free by having them without the bun — normally this is something I’d be disappointed by, but they were plenty big enough and super delicious even without the bread! Also some great Belgian fries alongside the meal made it even better. Also they were open super late, which meant that even after our late evening naps, we still had plenty of time to get food there when most other places were closed! 

There are two branches, we visited 4 Place Sainte-Catherine, but alternatively the other is located at 20 Place Jourdan

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