Interview: Cascara


Cascara is Bath’s newest vegan cafe. They offer speciality coffees, loose leaf teas, cakes and a small range of plant based food. I was lucky enough to interview Cascara about their business and vegan food!

Hello! Thank you so much for letting me interview you. How are you?

I'm great thank you. 


What made you decide to set up your own cafe? 

I had long considered it, but had always been too scared. In October 2017, I lost a close friend suddenly, and it made me realise that life is too short and to give it a go.


How has your creative process changed since the start? 

I'm not sure it has! I have the same passion and drive now that I had on day one. Every day is a school day and we love creating new cakes or recipes.

How did you manage to learn and hone your craft? 

It's a daily learning curve! I've got a long way to go and I'm always absorbing information, whether it's testing recipes or watching youtube videos on latte art!


Have you always been into baking and cooking? 

Baking yes, cooking not so much! I didn't see much point in cooking until I was around 19/20 and then started to take an interest in it.

What tools or materials could you not live without? 

Vegetables! Also our beloved La Marzocco Linea PB Machine.

Why has social media been an important platform for you to use? 

It's a fantastic way to create and engage in community. We love Instagram because we can share our food and drinks daily with our customers and audience.

Who inspires your cafe? 

I don't really have one inspiration! There are lots out of great creatives out there.


Do you have any favourite recipes that you adore at the moment? 

We recently had a Salt 'beef' Jackfruit New Yorker Toastie on the specials - that was a big hit! 

What are you currently working on? 

Improving my coffee knowledge, summer menu ideas etc!

What has been your favourite recipe to make? 

I think the above mentioned Salt Beef Jackfruit!

What’s your typical working day? 

I arrive at the cafe between 6:30-7am most mornings to start kitchen Prep. We open at 8 and serve food from the moment we open. 11am-3pm is our busy lunch trade, so I'll either be in the kitchen making the orders or I'll be front of house engaging with our customers. 

Home time is usually between 5.30-6pm.


Do you have any exciting plans for this year?

We're launching a slightly new menu soon, and hoping to cater some events and a wedding. 

What is your career plan with your business? 

I don't actually have one! I want to continue to be in the cafe as much as I can, as I thrive off engaging with customers. I'd like to see the business continue to do well, and who knows, maybe Cascara No2 one day

What’s been the biggest struggle in getting your business off the ground? 

Getting a loan from the bank took a real effort. I lost count of the amount of hours I spent on the phone to them, all the paperwork I had to submit and the interviews I had to have with them to prove to the why my business would succeed.

Do you have any advice for anyone starting their own business? 

Just do it. Life is too short to think 'what if I had done that'. 


What's the best piece of creative advice you've ever been given? 

Ask for help when needed! It's so hard but so worth it!

You can find Cascara on Facebook ‘’ and Instagram ‘’.