Interview: Sophie Cameron Davies

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Sophie Cameron Davies is a luxury women’s wear designer, based in Bristol with her newly opened boutique. With a background in lingerie design, Sophie has created an array of collections designed for the business woman, empowering women to feel elegant and refined in their everyday life.

Hello Sophie, thank you letting me interview you! Tell us a little bit a about your background.

I studied Womenswear Fashion Design at Winchester School of art. After graduating I spent some time gaining experience in different fields of the industry firstly with a trend forecasting agency and then a lingerie design house. I fell in love with designing lingerie and became the assistant designer for 3 years before launching my own brand. As my love for designing grew I knew I wanted to offer a different concept that hadn’t been done before. Launching my own business means that I can dedicate myself to delivering this concept in its entirety.

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When did you realise you wanted to start your own fashion business?

Since a very young age I have always been very creative. After my very first textiles lesson at school I wanted to be a fashion designer. Everything I did from then on was focused on developing that passion with the hope that one day I could run my own business.

What does your boutique sell?

The womenswear collection specialises in luxurious silks and cottons, offering an exquisite range of feminine pieces for the cosmopolitan woman. Intricate lace detailing teamed with bespoke digital prints are signature elements of the brand, and each garment is finished with bespoke detailing. These timeless pieces are also designed to be completely versatile and can be worn day or night, in any season.

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What is your creative process when designing a new collection?

I get inspired by my surroundings; nature, travel and beautiful scenery. I take photos where ever and whenever I can and these colours, tones or beautiful flowers are often the inspiration for the next collection. I go by what I love and what I feel other women will love, I do not look at any trends or current crazes. The ethos behind the brand is to be timeless and versatile so the colours, patterns and styles I chose for garments must reflect this. They must flatter women of all shapes and sizes, all skin tones and all ages.

What’s been your favourite collection so far?

I enjoy creating each new collection it is tough to pick out a favourite. I have just done the photoshoot for the Spring/Summer 2019 collection and I think this collection really showcases the best of the brand and how far it has come in such a short space of time.

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How important has social media been to promote your work?

Social media is incredibly important for a brand to build brand awareness and get the brand story out there. In such a fast-moving industry Instagram is a great platform to showcase new products and new collections.

If you could pick anyone to wear your work, who would it be?

Holly Willoughby, she has a great sense of style which is elegant yet fun. She definitely encompasses the SCD woman.

Why did you choose ‘business women’ as your target market?

A beautiful shirt should be the staple to every woman’s wardrobe. I wanted to create a versatile garment which allows for the cosmopolitan woman to move seamlessly through their day. The shirt designs allow for a sophisticated office outfit or an alluring evening ensemble.

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What’s been the biggest struggle in getting your business off the ground?

It is an incredibly competitive industry so I think just getting the brand seen and heard amongst all the other fashion brands has been the toughest.

Do you have any advice for anyone starting their own shop?

It’s important to understand your target market and what they want. Offer something unique and distinguishable. There is so much competition from the online stores you have to stand out.

As a full-time shop owner and designer, what does your typical working day look like?

My day is always completely varied and no two days are ever the same. I have to juggle many different hats in all aspects of the business from customer service through to admin and marketing. On a daily basis as well as run the boutique and ship out orders, create content for social media, update the website. Designing new collections is only a small part of running the business and this has to fit in around the day to day tasks.

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Do you have any exciting plans for upcoming year?

The brand is continuing to expand in the American market so we are thrilled to see the collection will be stocked in more gorgeous boutiques and stores across the states. The new collection for Spring Summer 2019 is also very exciting.

Lastly, where do you hope to see yourself and your business in 10 years’ time?

My aim is to be running a successful and innovative leading womenswear brand. In an ever changing industry I think it is important to just focus on ensuring the brand develops through its early years and maintain growing success.

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