Emily Parker's Collaboration Photography Review  

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July 5th, I participated in a photoshoot with photographer Emily Parker for a collaboration involving many colourful and eccentric clothing and accessory brands. These brands were: Dazzle and Jolt, Bee's Knees Apparel, Burnt Soul, Head Case Head Wear, Madwag, Glitta Glo, Floof and Other Stoof and Shop Dirty Fries. Each brand complimented the other well as they provided exuberant colour and extravagant styles that popped amongst the industrial backdrop that was chosen as location for this shoot. It was an atmosphere of young creatives, from the photographer, models and make-up artists, right down to the visionaries who provided us with the striking backdrop of street art. 

Glitter from the theatrical makeup glinted in the dappled summer sun as I camped out in preparation for my first serious shoot. The models posed in sequined hats, circus-like leotards, even pineapple headdresses, that all embodied the spirit of festival season which we are encountering this time of year. Each model brought professionalism and their own individuality to the shoot as they strutted in varying positions, accentuating the products they posed for. Emily captured the uniqueness of each model expertly, she guided and executed the shoots to the individuals' comfortability and adapted to what we each brought that differed from one another.

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This is one of the biggest photography projects that Emily has organized independently, although already so accomplished through her works with other companies and magazines such as: Imirage Magazine, We Are Hairy People, 2point5D, Surreal Magazine, and Vintage Kilo.

For such a young artist, she conducted this event with such grace and passion while providing a fun and relaxed environment that went appreciated by the models, especially like myself, who were unfamiliar and nervous within the modelling scene. She is a photographer to watch, and I would love my involvement in more of her works to come.  

This collaboration is underway all summer and Emily is always looking for models and brands/companies/artists to collaborate with so check out and contact her for more details. 

Emily Parker's Collaboration Photography.JPG


Photographer: Emily Parker  

Make-up Artists: Ella Bone and Poppy Wallacott  

Models: Kieran, Jess, Immie, Emily, Ella, Becki 

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