Styling Silk Scarves

I’ve been featured on Rhiannon’s lovely blog a couple of times before, so was really happy to be asked to write another post for her! I spent a while racking my brains for something which I knew her readers would love, so something vintage was my starting point. I own quite a few silk scarves and honestly, needed more ways to style them, so scoured Pinterest for some ideas and managed to come up with three ways in which I’d wear them!

1. On a bag

I have so many bags which this worked for, but my favourite combination was a scarf I picked up in Beyond Retro a couple of years ago worn on my red Poppy Bag from the Cambridge Satchel Company. The red tones from the scarf tie in so well with the bag and the other tones of blue and gold also look great paired with the bag, I think it works really well as a combination.

This one couldn’t be easier, just tie a scarf around the strap or handle of any bag and away you go! This also looks really cute on the handle of a basket bag, for a nod to Jane Birkin’s impeccable style.

2. Around your neck

This one gives slight air hostess vibes but adds a pattern and colour to the simplest outfits. I wore a scarf which I got from a charity shop with a vintage denim dress, black tights and boots, which is quite a plain outfit for me, but I love how the scarf adds a print and colour into the look to make it more ‘me’.

I’ve seen so many other ways of tying silk scarves on your neck as well, so definitely look at Pinterest for more ideas!

3. On a trench

I can’t claim any credit for this idea, but it is one of my favourite ways to wear silk scarves! I saw it on a street style photo from fashion week, and think it adds such a nice touch to what is quite a plain piece of clothing.

My trench is vintage and I am so glad that I managed to find, it, I’d been after the perfect trench coat for years and this one fits me so well, although I might get it taken up to be more knee-length on me. To achieve this look, just remove the belt on your trench and replace it with a silk scarf, I personally love the pop of colour against the coat with this scarf, but muted, more neutral scarves would also look great.

As I mentioned, there are so many more ways to wear silk scarves, but these are just the ones which I thought worked best for me and my style.

I see a lot of really stylish women wearing them on their head or in their hair (I am yet to master this look) and smaller scarves can be tied around your wrist or ankle; the possibilities are endless!

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