How To Style Vintage Everyday

Working vintage into your everyday wardrobe is not as tricky as it may sound. Just because something is vintage it doesn't mean you can't style it just the same as anything else you buy. You might want to start with something small like an accessory, some vintage sunglasses or a neck scarf. These items are easy to introduce to your look and can be found in most charity shops or vintage fairs at a good price.

Vintage bags are great for adding something special to your look, especially for a night out, you can find beaded styles or metallic clutches from most vintage fairs, but remember to have a good look in your local charity shops too, sometimes smaller vintage bags are locked away in a cabinet or even hidden in a basket of accessories. It might also be worth having a look online at websites like Etsy and Ebay, if you’re looking for a specific style or material.

If you want an investment piece then you could opt for a vintage coat or jacket, the one I'm wearing here is a vintage 60s jacket and it's in great condition. A shade like camel is neutral and unlikely to date, which is why coats like this become timeless. I've styled it with jeans and a blouse for a more contemporary feel.

Before you invest in a vintage item like a coat or a dress, always check for damage or moth holes. If you think it could be repaired then find a good tailor, but this really is your choice and depends on how much you want to spend of course.

Most importantly have fun with your new vintage pieces, if you love them, wear them and style them with confidence! Try Pinterest and Instagram for vintage ideas and inspiration.


Photography is by Margarita Karenko ’’. 

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