Craft: Vintage Cigarette Card

Vintage Cigarette Card.jpg

Make a unique card using vintage materials, it’s that simple! Visit charity and antique shops to find vintage items. We found these cigarette cards in an antique shop in Salisbury. A bundle of these cost a mere £2. You will be able to make various cards using these cigarette designs.

You will need:

Vintage materials

Brown card

Brown envelope




Brown or white photo stickers

1. Firstly, fold your brown card in half. We purchased our brown card from Hobbycraft. Once, you have folded your card, look through your vintage materials.

2. We have used vintage cigarette cards from an antique shop. You could cut any materials down to size or use old photographs.

3. Using a ruler measure the correct distance on where you want the cigarette cards. Mark with a pencil the four corners of each cigarette card. 

4. Using brown or white photo stickers, stick these in place. Place the cigarette cards into the photo stickers. This makes a great gift, if they want to be removed! We have used two for our design, but you could use four.

Vintage Cigarette Card.jpg



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