Craft: Triangle Bunting

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This is a fairly simple sewing tutorial -it’s easier to do on a sewing machine, but you can also do it by hand if you don't have a machine though it will just take you a lot longer. You can choose any fabric that you like to suit your colour scheme, and just adjust the measurements to suit how big or long you want your bunting - I used eight flags, 20cm wide each, and 3m of bias binding.

You Will Need:

Cute Fabrics

Bias Binding or Ribbon

Sewing Machine (or needle and thread if you’d prefer to sew by hand)




Tailor’s Chalk



Triangle Bunting.jpg

1. Make a paper pattern for the size you’d like your flag to be. To make sure its symmetrical it’s best to fold the piece of paper in half and cut one with the centre along the fold. I made mine 20cm for the top of the triangle, with the length as the full width of the A4 piece of paper down the fold (approx. 26cm).

2. Cut out your flags, you’ll need two in each fabric you’ve chosen for the front and back of the flag. Pin the pattern to the flag and draw around in tailor’s chalk to make sure you get a neat shape to cut.

3. Sew the two triangles together, with the pattern and side of the fabric facing inwards, but leaving top short edge of the triangle open.

4. Snip the bottom point of the triangle off before turning inside out, and using a sharp object (a pencil or the end of your scissors) to make sure the bottom of the flag is pointy.

Triangle Bunting.jpg

5. Iron the flags.

6. Iron the bias binding in half along its full length.

7. Pin the flags in between the folded bias binding equally along its full length. As my flags were 20cm each in width, and I used 3m of bias binding, I left 15cm between each flag, and 30cm at each end of the bias binding to tie the bunting up.

8. Sew very carefully along the bias binding to attach the flags and close up the bias binding along its open edge.

9. Your bunting is finished!

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