Sustainable Gifting

With Christmas been and gone there are a few things that I learnt from the chaos of picking and choosing presents for loved ones, whilst also complying to the latest craze of sustainable gifting. 

One of the challenges that I took inspiration from most was ‘The 4 Christmas Challenge,’ which outlines creative ideas for gifting that are both indulgent and eco-friendly, as well as extending beyond the materialism and toward the appreciation of necessity-based items that we may have taken for granted.

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The 4 Christmas Challenges

1. Something they want

2. Something they need

3. Something to wear 

4. Something to read 

I believe that this concept can apply to all gifting strategies, not just being restricted to the Christmas period. So, from this I took to my needles and made framed embroidery pieces and patches to sew onto clothing for all of my loved ones to enjoy. This allowed for a sentimental present that was a product of my own handy-work, as well as being something they could wear or appreciate within their homes. 

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While there is no denying that this is a time-consuming proposal, the final product is fun, sentimental, sustainable and ultimately, a penny-pincher. 

So, with this in mind, why don’t you try this for your next present plans? Raid your granny’s cupboards and knit, sew, stitch, collage or paint your gifting-stresses away!

Sustainable Gifting.jpg
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