Craft: Printed Wrapping Paper

Printed Wrapping Paper.jpg

With Christmas around the corner, why not try printing your own wrapping paper. All you need is brown paper, stamps, paint and coloured twine.

You will need:

Brown paper

Christmas stamps



Coloured twine


1. Choose a stamp you wish to use. We have used a Christmas tree foam stamp. You could use a printed block, stamp or make your own using foam or potatoes.

2. Pour a little paint on to your palette and dip the sponge in. Dab the paint onto the stamp.

3. Place the stamp down exactly where you want the print on the brown paper and apply gentle pressure all over, before removing.

4. Repeat your pattern on the brown paper. Let the brown paper dry, before wrapping your Christmas presents. Add coloured twine for a festive look.

Printed Wrapping Paper.jpg
Rhiannon BrittenComment