Craft: Paper Bunting

Paper Bunting.jpg
Paper Bunting.jpg

Paper bunting is great if you don’t have time to sew. All you need is some pretty paper and twine.

You will need: 

Vintage patterned paper

String or ribbon

Hole punch




Craft knife

Cutting Mat 

1. Firstly, you will need to create your template. You could do a similar design to this bunting or any shape you wish. Make it a big or as small as you want, depending on how much vintage paper you have. To make your template stronger and easier to use, glue it to a piece of card and cut it out.

2. Next, draw around your template. We have done eight bunting pieces, but you might want to do more depending on the size of your room or fireplace. Once you have drawn around your template, cut these out using scissors or a craft knife. 

3. Once you have cut out your bunting, you will need to hole punch them all. We hole punched our template to decide where we wanted the holes, and used this as a guideline. 

4. Lastly, take your ribbon or string and loop it through the holes, alternating between the back and the front of the garland until they are all strung together. Lay the bunting on a flat surface. Adjust the garland so they are about two fingers width apart. 

Paper Bunting.jpg
Paper Bunting.jpg
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