Craft: Origami Heart

Origami Heart Craft.jpg

Make these decorations for a party or event. Lollipops can be inserted into the back or a straw instead! Alternatively, you could stick these to a card to send to someone.

You will need:

Origami paper



Milk bottle 


1. Fold your square in half from the left. Open this up and fold from the bottom in half. 

2. Open this to your square again. Fold the bottom of the paper up to the centre.

3. Fold the left and right bottom corners to the middle, so the flaps meet in the centre. These will look like triangles. 

4. Flip the paper over. Fold the left and right top corners, so the flaps meet in the centre. 

5. Fold the top corner to the bottom corner, without folding the small triangles. 

6. Fold the small triangles on the left and right towards the centre. 

7. Valley fold the top left and right corners. 

8. Valley fold the the left and right points down. Flip the paper over. 

9. Your heart is now finished and should like the image above. If you’re stuck, you can find various videos on YouTube with various ways on how to make a heart.

10. To place a straw inside or a lollipop, flip the paper so the back of the heart is facing upwards. 

11. Lift the main flap and punch a hole in the bottom of the heart, making sure this is the front layer only. Tuck your straw or lollipop inside and fold the flap back down. 

Rhiannon BrittenComment