Craft: Mother’s Day Wrapping 

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Spring is nearly here and all the flowers are blooming! Wrap your Mother’s Day gifts in a floral theme using embossing techniques and handmade paper.

You will need: 

Floral wrapping paper

Green ribbon

Brown card 




Embossing powder

Heat tool

Floral stamps 

Mother’s Day stamp 

Clear ink pad

Wooden board 

Brown bag

Clear sellotape

Mother’s Day Wrapping.jpg

1. Firstly wrap your gifts using your floral wrapping paper. If you’re stuck on how to wrap your presents, watch this tutorial:

2. Once your gifts are wrapped, it’s time to make your tags! Make as many as you need. Stamp your brown card using the clear ink pad. Pour embossing powder over the stamped image. 

Mother’s Day Wrapping.jpg

3. Pour the excess embossing powder back into the pot. Place the brown card onto your heat resistant surface. We have used a wooden board. 

4. Hold the heat tool about six inches away from the image. Use the heat tool over the image. The image will become smooth and dimensional as the embossing powder melts. Do not leave the heat tool on the card for too long, as it may burn. 

Mother’s Day Wrapping.jpg

5. Once this has dried, cut out a small rectangle measuring 6 x 10cm around your embossed image.

6. Use a hole punch to make a hole at one end of the rectangle. 

7. Cut the corners closest to the hole off the rectangle. Use a ruler and pencil to do this. 

Mother’s Day Wrapping.jpg

8. Write a message on the tags. Once you have written on the tags, you will need to attach these to your presents. We have used this tutorial on how to attach your tag with ribbon:

9. Attach a tag to your brown bag using the ribbon. Put your presents inside the bag, before giving to your mum on Mother’s Day!

Mother’s Day Wrapping .jpg
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