Craft: Lavender Bath Salts

Lavender Bath Salts.jpg

Bath salts make the most gorgeous present. You can put these in a mason or kilner jar with a brown luggage label. This particular recipe is for lavender bath salts, but you can experiment with different oils and flowers. 

You will need:

Camomile tea bag

Epsom salts

Dried lavender  

Lavender essential oil




Mason or kilner jar

Brown luggage label

Twine or ribbon

1. Open up the camomile tea bag using scissors. Pour the camomile tea bag into the bowl. Mix one cup of epsom salts with the camomile. 

2. Add the drops of lavender oil to the bowl and mix again. 

3. Add dried lavender to the bowl. Pour the bath salts into a jar. Find some twine or ribbon to tie a bow around the jar. Lastly, tie the tag onto the ribbon. 

Rhiannon BrittenComment