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Julia Davey Ceramics is an independent home and giftware shop selling unique, illustrative collections whilst promoting individual artisans and running a diverse range of arts and crafts workshops in Bear Flat, Bath.

This incredible aesthetically pleasing shop is full of quirky gifts and artistic flair. If you fancy giving it a go yourself then this Aladdin’s Cave is running a series of arts and crafts workshops running up to Christmas, and will continue on into the new year. The list is as follows:

Saturday 5th Jan Lino Cutting Introduction 9.45am-12.45pm (£45)

Friday 11th Jan 7.30-9pm Needle punch workshop (£50)

Saturday 12th Jan Drawing Class - ‘Botanics and Vessels’ 9.45-12.45pm (£45) then Introduction to Houseplants 3pm-4.30 (£25)

Saturday 26th January 10-12.30 pm Needle punch workshop (£50) then 2-4pm Macrame workshop (£40)

Saturday 9th Feb 10-12 midday Valentines wreaths (£40) then 2-4pm Love Lettering for Valentines (£40)

Saturday 13th Feb 7.30-9pm Valentines wreaths (£40)

Saturday 16th Feb Shibori Dyeing Processes 10am-12 midday (£45)

Saturday 23rd February Introduction to Brush Lettering 10am-2pm (£45)

All courses are priced per person, refreshments are included and so are all materials needed.

However, if you’re nervous that you don’t have crazy art skills, do not fear! Local artists and florists are on hand to teach the workshops will give you plenty of 1-1 attention to ensure you go home with something to impress your friends and family. Attending one of Julia’s workshops could perhaps spark your creative side? Arts and crafts are making a huge comeback with increasingly positive impacts to your mental wellbeing. Sometimes, it’s just great to switch off your devices are really get stuck into a project. It could definitely help you to create a unique present this year for someone special, or something to tick off your New Year’s resolution list!

[X] Step into the real world

[X] Get creative again!

I want to tell you her story, because Julia is a very humble woman and would probably keep her success story underwraps. I have been lucky enough work with Julia in her shop and the calming atmosphere, lavender smelling shop, filled with plants and gorgeous gifts really reflects in my work ethic. I feel like a zen, acoustic loving Queen in her shop and I just want to mention that we absolutely love dogs popping in.

Julia is a true artist who has worked her way to the top. Julia started her art career with the aspiration of becoming a fashion designer- even meeting Alexander McQueen! However, after spending some time in a ceramics class, she dropped the dresses and got all fired up with her kiln.

She then studied locally at Bath Spa University to develop her ceramics and illustrative skills. The university helped her to become an art teacher after she graduated but after a while her creative side bursted through the seams and demanded an artistic breakthrough. With the help of her dog and her Mum, Julia started selling her designs online and the market for her work continued to grow.

Now, her shop lies in the heart of Bear Flat, just 10 minutes from the train station and her fans just keep rolling in to see her. She creates and fires all of her work in Peasedown, just outside of Bath. She also supports local retailers, artists and university friends who want to sell their work in Bath and she often sells her work at local markets, especially with the run up to Christmas.

Julia and I are big fans of the The JUST A CARD campaign, that ‘aims to encourage people to buy from Designer/Makers and Independent Galleries and Shops by reinforcing the message that all purchases, however small, even 'just a card' are so vital to the prosperity and survival of small businesses. So many artists have such a tough time selling their work these days because of big corporation competition that I believe that this is of the utmost importance this year. Not to mention buying locally reduces carbon footprint and definitely makes every independent seller do a little jig with every sale!

If you want to visit us in store, come on over to BA2 2AA or visit us online to do some Christmas shopping or book a workshop at www.juliadavey.com

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Julia Davey Ceramics.jpg
Julia Davey Ceramics.jpg
Julia Davey Ceramics.jpg
Julia Davey Ceramics.jpg
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