Craft: Happy Birthday Card

Happy Birthday Card Craft.jpg

If you’re stuck for ideas on a card craft, then try making this simple design using patterned paper! Change the wording with a different stamp or even the colour of the ink. You could even try your own calligraphy in the middle of this card. 

You will need: 

Brown card

White card


Patterned paper or card 

Happy Birthday stamp 

Black ink pad


Calligraphy pen 





1. Stamp your white card using the black ink pad or use a calligraphy pen to draw out your design. 

2. Once this has dried, use your guillotine to cut out a rectangle around the stamped image. 

3. Fold your brown card in half. Using your patterned paper, cut this out to make a rectangle slightly bigger than the white card. We have used a polka dot design. 

4. Choose your patterned paper for the background. We have purchased ours from The Works. Use the guillotine to cut out a square to the size of your brown card. Stick this down using glue. 

5. Stick down the patterned rectangle to middle of the card. Once this has dried, stick down the stamped image on top.

Happy Birthday Card Craft.jpg