Meet The Maker: Hannah Grace

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Hannah Grace is a Print Designer & Illustrator based in Bath, United Kingdom. She creates fun and playful prints with a focus on hand-painting and mark making. Her work is undeniably eye-catching, stylised with her unique floral designs inspired by culture and photography.

Hello Hannah, thank you for letting me chat to you, how are you today?

A pleasure! Very well thank you..

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The work you share with us on Instagram is so beautiful – have you found this to be a successful platform?

Thank you! I think Instagram is a great place to share your work and your process and see what others are up to. Especially among freelancers who might otherwise not have that sense of community!

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Where do you find your main source of inspiration?

I get the majority of my inspiration from the world around me ! I love flowers and plants and pattern and that tends to be what i notice about a place. You could be in the greyest of places but there will usually be something growing and living and adding a pop of colour !

The work of great artists inspires me (such as Hockney & Andy Dixon), particularly for their use of colour. Film photography is also something that i am drawn to because it so visually rich and just quite lovely!

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You seem to travel a lot; where has been your most inspirational adventure?

Travel can inspire my work for so many reasons. I find it especially helpful when I am in a bit of creative rut, it helps to take a step back sometimes and focus on something completely different ! Though when I travel, I still tend to have designing on the brain in some way or another - I love to take a lot of pictures! I have an old film camera which creates beautiful images, I use them a lot for colour references in my work or to document things that i find interesting (plants, architecture, landscape, anything really!)

Earlier this year I went on a solo trip to Ponta Delgado in the Azores, it was glorious! There were so many beautiful and lush plants, and then gorgeous pastel buildings everywhere and hand painted street signs. It is often the everyday things of a place that can be of the greatest interest to me when I visit somewhere new!

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Have you found your creative process to be changing over time?

I think it is always changing and evolving, I like to experiment with new techniques when I can and I think that slowly informs your work going forward.

What does your working day/studio space look like?

My studio space has an ever-changing wall of inspiration where I have photographs and paintings that inspire me or just make me happy ! I add to the wall and change it around quite often depending on the kind of work I am doing. My days can vary but in their structure, but usually entail some painting and drawing in the morning (whilst listening to a plethora of podcasts), then computer work in the afternoon!

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What tools do you require when designing?

I do a lot of hand painting and drawing so plenty of inks and gouache and then a number of fine liners for more illustrative work! I also keep a lot of references and scrap books around of things I have collected over the years- it can help to dip into them when i am in a colour rut!

What does florals mean to you?

Florals can be so many things! I love that when designing with floral motifs, you can break all the rules of perspective and colour and they are still recognisable. They are just inherently happy objects and I am always aiming with my work to create something which gives a positive feeling when you look at it.

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Do you sell any of your designs/prints online?

I work directly with small brands to create bespoke print designs. I love working this way because it is fun to collaborate and create something unique which reflects that particular brand.

I am currently in the process of setting up a space to sell my illustrations online, so watch this space!

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Do you have any favourite pieces so far?

Recently, I have been working on a series of print designs based on different regions of the world. I have enjoyed this so much because I have learnt about where some of my favourite plants come from - it all started because I was curious about the King Protea - which is such a bizarre and lovely flower!

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What advice would you give to people looking to define their own style?

I would say that it is an ongoing process. I think as individuals we are naturally drawn to certain styles - whether that be in the colours we use, the way that we draw, or even what we draw ! So I think that if you continue to work based on what you are naturally drawn to, your own style will show through in your work (eventually!)

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