Meet The Maker: Handmade By Poppy

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I am very excited to introduce a very talented crafter and family friend. Her crafting project caught my eye when I saw her thoughtful memory bear made for a mourning puppy who lost their owner too soon. Using a preowned piece of clothing of their owner’s, the scent provided comfort to the sad pup. Thoughtful work and something I cannot wait to document for other people throughout this interview.

Hello- thank you for the opportunity to interview you, how are you?

I’m as good as I can be, thanks.

Tell us what it is that you make.

I create Bereavement and Memory Jointed Teddy Bears from loved ones clothes.

What made you decide to start up this business?

By late 2016 I faced discrimination at a workplace because I am in cancer remission. I started to create these teddies as they helped my anxiety and depression levels day to day.

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Why is this particular craft project so important to you?

I pride myself in creating Bereavement Memory Bears created from loved clothes to try to bring some comfort whilst bereaving a loved one.

Is there any meaning behind the name of your business, ‘Handmade by Poppy?’

Haha, I often get asked this; some people think it’s my name and others think that it’s my daughter’s name by really I was called Poppy as a nickname by friends so thought that it would be nice to carry it on.

How has your creative process changed since the start?

Not really changed much to be honest, I now include a heart in every bear and Handmade by Poppy wooden buttons.

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Have you always been interested and involved in crafting?

Yes, I have always enjoyed sewing and crafting but these days it’s also my therapy.

Are there any big plans for the future of ‘Handmade by Poppy?’

Just carrying on providing Bereavement Memory Teddy Bears to those who need them.

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