Craft: Floral Tags

Floral Tags.jpg

Make your own tags using patterned paper and twine! They are quick and easy to do! Wrap your presents in brown paper, before using these gift tags.  

You will need:

Patterned paper





Hole punch


Brown card

1. Firstly, cut out a small rectangle measuring 6 x 10cm from one corner of your patterned paper. Once you have cut this out, do the same measurements on the brown card.

2. Once both have been cut out, glue these together. Use a hole punch to make a hole at one end of the rectangle.

3. Cut the corners closest to the hole off the rectangle. Use a ruler and pencil to do this.

4. Thread a 10cm length of twine through the hole of the tag and knot at the end.

5. Write a message on the tag, before attaching to a gift. Make as many as you wish. Alternatively, use different vintage patterned paper for the design.

Rhiannon BrittenComment