Craft: Fabric Buttons

Fabric Buttons.jpg

Fabric-covered buttons are a great way to add a bit of flair to your clothes and accessories. You could even add these to a card craft. Sew them onto cardigans, jumpers, dresses, and more, to brighten up any outfit.

What you will need:


Circle template


Fabric pen


Fabric Scissors

Button front

Button back

Circular mould

Fabric Buttons.jpg

1. Choose the part of the fabric you want to show on the front of the button. Place your fabric-cutting template over the desired spot on the fabric. Trace around the circle’s edge with a pencil or fabric pen.

2. Using sharp fabric scissors, cut out the circle.

3. Place the fabric circle right-side down into a circular mould. Place the button front, curved side down, on top of the fabric and press into the rubber mould. You want some of the fabric peeking out around the edges, but if it looks like there’s a lot, snip away the excess.

4. Tuck the fabric towards the centre and place the button back, loop facing up, over the fabric.

5. Press down. Press the button back into the front. Pop the button out and repeat. It is that simple. 

Rhiannon BrittenComment