Meet The Maker: Danielle White

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Danielle is an aspiring graphic designer with a love for illustrations and craft. She is currently studying graphic design in Falmouth. I was lucky enough to have an interview with Danielle about her design work.

Hello Danielle! Thank you so much for letting me interview you.

Hi Rhiannon, it’s my pleasure!

How are you?

I am good thank you, looking forward to really kicking off the next term of work. 

Tell us a little bit about your background.

I come from a little town in Wiltshire called Calne, I guess you could say my path’s been pretty straightforward, I always knew I wanted to pursue some form of arts and my family have been nothing but supportive of my decisions. I’m currently studying Graphic Design at Falmouth University.

Describe yourself in three words.

Determined, open minded and loving.

I adore your work. What inspired you to start doing illustrations and design?

Thank you! I remember when I was little my Grandad showing me how to draw 3D shapes and I couldn’t get my head around it. I’d spend days on end amusing myself with drawing things and ‘inventing’ (using cardboard to make things), I’ve always loved cute illustrations and I think my love for that sort of thing stems from my love for Beatrix Potter, Winnie The Pooh and more.

Have you always been into illustrations, design and art?

I can safely say that drawing has always been one of my strongest skills and what I’ve enjoyed the most, so yes!

How has your creative process changed since the start?

I take a lot more time to plan my creations now before I begin, although this is not always a benefit as I begin to get lost in my head. I’d like to start just drawing ideas straight onto paper again and then perfecting it.

How did you manage to learn and hone your craft?

I guess a large part of me learning my craft was shaped by the structure of A Levels and I’d really like to take the time to change my way of making and designing. I have so many ideas but I rarely carry them through. My new year’s resolution is definitely to start sketching again more!

If there were no resource restraints, what be your dream project?

I’ve said for a long time that I would really love to write a cute children’s book and create all the illustrations myself, I still like to go back to stories like Peter Rabbit every now and then. The thought of making a little world for people to get lost in is the dream.

What equipment do you use for your work?

Currently my most used piece of equipment is my MacBook, I also start most projects off with some mind maps on paper. My most used equipment used to be a 2B Pencil and some cartridge paper. I also loved using PVA glue with Brusho paint for a project, it really created some beautiful textures.

What tools or materials could you not live without?

Now that I have my MacBook I would definitely struggle to work without it!

Why has social media been an important platform for you to use?

For me social media has largely been important for me to be inspired by others. I enjoy seeing what new trends are taking place and to be inspired to use new materials.

Who inspires your work?

I wouldn’t say I have a direct inspiration for my work currently, everything is so varied, I’m really still trying to figure out my own style!

Do you have any favourite pieces of artwork, design or illustrations that you adore at the moment?

Seeing any of Liz Climo’s illustration’s pop up on my news feed always manages to brighten my day, I love how simple and cute they are.

What do we hope to see in this up and coming year for your Instagram?

I’m hoping to really take my design back to where it started, I’ve got rather caught up in making everything digitally since starting uni and I’m going to try to incorporate more illustration/ hand rendered craft within my work.

What are you currently working on?

I’ve just been set a project based around storytelling and bookbinding, so I’m excited to see what that holds!

What inspires you on a day-to-day basis?

I aim to make work that will ultimately make me and others happy. Illustrators such as Liz Climo and brands such as Zana have a way of making the ordinary cheery and I’d love to be known for that.

Do you have any advice for anyone who would like to set up their own Instagram?

My advice would depend on what you want from your Instagram. My Instagram has always been a place that I consider a bit of a highlight reel for myself, it’s something for me to look back through and remember the fun things I’ve done, creations that I’m proud of and places that I’ve been.

I’ve just made another Instagram account purely for my Graphic Design work as I’d like to promote myself more but some people are reluctant to follow an account who posts a monogram they’ve just designed and what they’re having for their pudding.

I’d say think about what you want to use it for and whether you’d follow your own Instagram given the choice. (and that a cheeky bit of vsco filtering never hurt a photo!)

Do you have any advice for designers and illustrators?

I’m still figuring out everything for myself right now but I’ve come to realise that my best ones are always ones that I enjoy the most as they don’t feel like doing hard work, they feel like a fun hobby! Make what you want from time to time, you don’t always be have to set a brief in order to start a project!

What's the best piece of creative advice you've ever been given?

I’d say the expression “do what you love and love what you do” is an awesome sentiment to follow.

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