Craft: Crochet Cactus Card

Crochet Cactus Card.jpg

If you love plants, then try making this crochet cactus card for your friends, family or even to put into a frame! 

You will need:

Crochet hook

Green wool


Brown card

White card

Patterned paper



Craft board

Craft knife 

Embossing powder

Heat tool 


Clear ink pad 

Wooden board

Glue dots

Glue stick 

1. Firstly, crochet a cactus for the card. There are various tutorials in magazines and online. Use this tutorial for inspiration:

2. Next fold your brown card in half. Cut out a rectangle, using your patterned paper. Make this bigger than the cactus. 

3. Line up your patterned paper with the card. Stick down your patterned paper using a glue stick. 

4. On the other side of your cactus, place glue dots all over it. 

5. Once you have added your glue dots to your cactus, stick this down to the right of the card. 

6. Stamp your white card using the clear ink pad. Pour embossing powder over the stamped image. 

7. Pour the excess embossing powder back into the pot. Place the brown card onto your heat resistant surface. We have used a wooden board. 

8. Hold the heat tool about six inches away from the image. Use the heat tool over the image. The image will become smooth and dimensional as the embossing powder melts. 

9. Do not leave the heat tool on the card for too long, as it may burn. 

10. Once this has dried, cut out a square around your stamped image. 

11. Place glue dots on the back of your stamped image before sticking down. You can use different wording for the stamped image or change the colour of the embossing powder! 

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