Craft: Christmas Washi Tape Card

Christmas Washi Tape Card.jpg

Make this simple card to send out to your friends and family during Christmas. All you need is washi tape, string and brown card!

You will need:

Wax paper

Washi tape



String or ribbon

Brown card

1. Cut out a sheet of wax paper. Put strips of patterned washi tape on the wax paper. We have used red and green for a Christmas design. Put these in the order you want them to go on the card.

2. Using a ruler and pencil, draw a square around the washi tape. Cut out the square using scissors. Using wax paper will help the washi tape to peel off easily, and to have them all the same size.

3. Peel off the washi tape from the wax paper and place them on the brown card. Do this in the order you have chosen. This will create your present design. You can use washi tape that is all the same sizing. We have alternated our sizes.

4. Create a bow using red and white string. You can use any coloured string or even ribbon for the design. Stick this down using glue above the washi tape present design. A very simple card design that won’t break your budget!

Christmas Washi Tape Card.jpg
Rhiannon BrittenComment