Craft: Blocked Printed Bath Salts Bag

Blocked Printed Bath Salts Bag.jpg

Epsom salt is best known as a component of bath salts, but it offers a wide range of uses, from soothing sore muscles, benefiting health, enhancing beauty and more. It was discovered in the 17th century at Epsom, in Surrey, England. These little bath salt bags are perfect to give away as a present and are very easy to do. 

You will need:

100g epsom salt



Muslin brown bag

Printed blocks



Fabric paint


Baking paper

1 Cut out a small piece of baking paper to go inside the muslin bag. Once you have done this, place the muslin bag on top of your foam. Make sure the foam is thick as this helps with the printed blocks. 

2. Pour a little paint on to your palette and dip the sponge in. Dab the paint onto the block with a tapping motion, don’t squeeze or wipe the paint onto the block. 

3. Place the block down exactly where you want the print on the muslin bag and apply gentle pressure all over. Hold the material tight with one hand while peeling the block away with the other.

4. When you have finished with the block, it can be cleaned by wiping hard with a dry rag. Let the muslin bag dry, before you iron. 

5. To make the painted fabric washable the colour must be heat sealed by ironing on the reverse side. You can place baking paper on top of the muslin bag before ironing on the reverse side. 

6. Once the bag has been ironed, you can make your bath salts. Using a mug, put 100g epsom salts, lavender and chamomile together. Once this has been mixed, you can pour into the bag and tie at the top. 

7. You can put the bags into the water, or you can pour the bath salts out into the bath. The bags can be reused for something else and make a lovely gift. 

Blocked Printed Bath Salts Bag.jpg