Craft: Block Printed Cards

Block Printed Cards.jpg

Make these simple cards using block prints, an old book and brown card! I love using vintage materials and recycling objects, especially old books.

You will need:

Old book

Block prints



Plate or palette

Fabric paint

Brown card

Glue dots




1. Cut out pages from your old book. You can purchase books from charity and antique shops. I found this old book from the National Trust second hand bookshop.

2. Choose your block prints. Place your book page onto the foam. Make sure the foam is thick as this helps with the printed blocks. 

3. Pour a little paint on to your palette and dip the sponge in. Dab the paint onto the block with a tapping motion, don’t squeeze or wipe the paint onto the block. 

4. Place the block down exactly where you want the print on the book page and apply gentle pressure all over. Hold the material tight with one hand while peeling the block away with the other.

5. When you have finished with the block, it can be cleaned by wiping hard with a dry rag. Let the old book page dry.

6. Using a ruler rip the edges around your print. You can make as small or big as you wish. I used a ruler and pencil to draw out my square or rectangle, before using the ruler to help rip the edges. Rub out any pencil marks once it has been ripped.

7. Turn the book page around with the print facing downwards. Stick glue dots in each corners before sticking to your brown card.

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