Craft: Pom Pom Bunting

After my origami tutorial yesterday I've been doing so much crafty stuff - especially making bunting! Today I have made some pompom bunting, as I bought some new pompom makers from Tiger. This is a super easy craft to make, but also looks adorable! 


I made the pompoms with special pompom makers - you can often buy them in craft shops and they're fairly cheap. If not, two doughnut shaped pieces of cardboard works just as well! Wrap the wool around both pieces of cardboard at the same time (going around the ring through the centre hole), and when you're finished, take your scissors and poke them along the edge so they go in between the two pieces of card, and cut the wool right around the edge of the outer circle. Then, take another length of wool and tie it all together by again slotting this around the circle in between both pieces of card. Tie tightly and then you can trim your pompoms so they're evenly shaped before removing the cardboard.


Once you've made your pompoms, they can be attached together easily by taking a large needle and sewing them together by using it to thread wool or string through the middle of each of the pompoms. 

I've put mine upon my bookshelves, and they look so cute! 

Anna WardComment