Craft: Origami Garland

I've always loved origami, and so I wanted to share with you how to make a traditional origami crane, which is one of my favourites to make. I also thought it would be lovely to make them into something cute to decorate the house - this origami garland/bunting is perfect for that! 


1. Cut out a 5" square of paper - I'm using old maps for this, but you can also buy ready cut patterned origami paper from craft shops, which is always very pretty!


2. Fold the square in half horizontally, with the map/pattern facing outwards. Unfold and repeat by folding it so the two folds are perpendicular. 


3. Turn the paper over and fold along both the diagonals (so the pattern faces inwards). 


4. Now collapse the diagonal folds inwards, and you'll be able to form a smaller square/diamond shape. 


5. With the open end pointing towards you, fold the flaps at the side of the diamond inwards so the meet in the middle. Repeat this on both sides.


6. Open these previous folds out again and take the bottom of the flap and pull it upwards. You will then be able to press it flat by folding your previous folds inwards. Repeat on both sides.


7. Keeping the open ends pointing downwards, again fold the side flaps inwards so they meet in the centre. Repeat on both sides. 


8. Separate the bottom points by folding them up sideways at a diagonal.


9. Open the sides up to fold these long points in on themselves and press flat.


10. Fold down the end of one of these points in the same way to form the head of the crane.


11. Fold down the wings of the crane.

Using embroidery thread, you can sew through either the wing of the bird or the top of its back and join several of these together to make a gorgeous origami garland/bunting! 




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