Embroidery Project

Two of my favourite things are photography and embroidery, so it was great to do a project which combined my two loves. As part of my A Level photography we had to study other photographers and create projects inspired by their work, and I looked at the artist Maurizio Anzeri. He takes ‘found photos’ — old photographs which he has collected from anywhere and everywhere: car boot sales, junk shops, house clearances etc. He uses these photos as a starting point for embroidery, and sews directly onto the images to try and reveal something more about the person in the photograph.

His only rule for his images is that he always leaves one eye free from embroidery,almost as if the person beneath his work can see out from under it. I studied his work closely and then I raided the old family photos (we have a bizarre red handbag in which we keep them all — I’m not really sure where it came from). I used the photos for my embroidery like Anzeri does — the images are of a friend of my Grandma’s, and my Uncle Brian as a young boy. 

cubes sewing crop.jpg
purple and green.jpg
pink and blue.jpg
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