Craft: Christmas Gift Tags


Try these various gift tag designs for your presents. All you need is wrapping paper, your handmade tags and ribbon! 

You will need: 

Brown card

Hole punch




Glue dots

Silver bells 

Ribbon or twine 

Patterned hole punch

Snowflake stickers

Wooden Christmas trees

1. Firstly, cut out a small rectangle measuring 6 x 10cm from one corner of your brown card. 

2. Once your tag has been cut out, use a hole punch to make a hole at one end of the rectangle. 

3. Cut the corners closest to the hole off the rectangle. Use a ruler and pencil to do this. 

4. To create the snowflake design, stick down the stickers in various areas on the brown tag. Tie a silver bell onto the ribbon before threading through the hole. You can purchase these snowflake stickers from Hobbycraft and most craft shops. This is a simple design, which looks perfect with wrapping paper!

5. To create the Christmas tree design, stick down the wooden tree using glue dots on the brown tag. Using the patterned hole punch, create a design at the bottom. Tie a silver bell onto the red ribbon before threading through the hole. 

Rhiannon BrittenComment