Meet The Maker: 1999 Magazine

1999 Magazine.jpg

1999 magazine was recently set up by Ruby, an aspiring photographer. 1999 is a great new magazine that celebrates creativity. I was lucky enough to meet up with her to have a little chat about her magazine and her career plans.

Hello Ruby! Thank you so much for letting me interview you. How are you?

I’m good thanks, just trying to get through exams!

I absolutely adore your magazine. What inspired you to create your magazine?

Thank you! I decided to start the magazine just over a year ago, as I’m very easily distracted. I was meant to be revising for my GCSE’s, but suddenly got the idea to start a magazine. I don’t really know what inspired me to start 1999 but I loved Oh Comely magazine and I followed so many talented people on Instagram. Many of the magazines you see on shop shelves are the same and I wanted to create something different.

Why is this magazine important?

1999 is a platform for people of all ages and from all parts of the world to share their creativity and by doing so, I want to encourage others to celebrate their creativity.

Why did you choose 1999 as the name for your magazine?

There’s not really a story behind the name of the magazine other than it’s the year I was born. 1999 was the first name I came up with and I always intended to change it but for some reason it stuck.

How has Instagram and Facebook helped with 1999?

Instagram has definitely had a huge impact on the magazine. Without it I definitely wouldn’t have started the magazine. Instagram allows me to find contributors for the magazine from all around the world and social media in general has allowed me to spread the word about the magazine.

What does creativity mean to you?

It can be anything that you want it to be. Whether it’s starting a band and writing songs or picking up a camera and taking photos. Whether it’s starting an online shop or writing a poem. You can express your creativity in endless ways, so just do it!

Do you have any career plans?

I don’t really have any ‘plans’ but I would love to carry on with photography, as there’s just something about it that I love! I would also love to continue with 1999 to see if it goes anywhere, you never know!

What do we hope to see in this up and coming year for your magazine?

I’m currently working on issue 3 of the magazine and I have found some amazing new contributors and also have a few really interesting interviews. I don’t have much else planned but I would love to do a pop up shop or have a 1999 meet up!

How would you describe your magazine?

I like to think that it’s fun and creative! It’s a mix of work, which includes photography, music, illustrations, interviews and much more!

Who inspires 1999?

No one specific, mainly the people I follow on Instagram and to some extent the music I listen to.

Do you have any advice for designers who would like to set up their own magazine?

I think the best way to be able to set up a magazine (or something similar) is to build up a support base through social media. It’s also important to offer something unique about what you’re doing.

Make sure to check out 1999 on Facebook and Instagram ‘1999_magazine’. If you are dying to buy the magazine or lovely merchandise, make sure to check out the website. Just search 1999 magazine. There are always exciting updates, quirky pictures and call outs for contributors. If you would like to contribute for the next issue of 1999, make sure to contact Ruby either through Facebook, Instagram or Twitter.